About Us

KonfederasiMY originally started as a local clothing brand in 2013 and was founded by four young UITM graduates from four different states.

Known as “Konfederasi Anak Watan” (KAW Apparel), our primary mission and vision is to export our culture to the world.

We intend to diversify the meaning of Nusantara as there is a lack of international representation of our beloved culture.

It all started when one of the founders of Konfederasi™ (Haris a.k.a King Of Saka) realised the developed nations dominated the world in various fields and aspects while promoting their unique identity and culture.

We plan to make the Konfederasi Anak Watan the “face” of Malaysia and Asia in the eyes of the world. The idea should seem simple, but the execution is a different story.

KAW Apparel began actively participating in local clothing events such as Tempatan Fest, Malaysia Distro Fiesta, KL Clothing Festival, and many more from the year 2013 till 2016.

The concept presented in every KAW Apparel design is Modern Contemporary and utilises modernized classic and traditional elements.

Our main strength is in the design of Jawi writing integrated with modern characteristics. This will attract the interest of the young generation to this increasingly forgotten writing style.

This strategy can be successful if Jawi writing begins to gain a place in the hearts of young people while more local brands start to introduce Jawi writing elements in their designs.

In 2014, KAW Apparel was rebranded to Konfederasi™ and remains so till this day.

“Unity in Diversity”. The slogan of Konfederasi™ from the past to the present. The diversity of culture and race in Malaysia is the drive for our slogan. 

Our desire is to see the unity of the various races in this country continue to remain and be proud of. 

And we choose our own way to maintain the uniqueness of this country and want Konfederasi™ as a brand that every Malaysian citizen can be proud of.

In September 2021, Konfederasi™ spread its wings in the Digital Collectible market of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Konfederasi™ introduced the “Sang Saka” collection in a Malaysian marketplace, Pentas.io, and has achieved triumph and experienced remarkable moments in the local scene of NFTs.

Among them, Sang Saka #001 in the collection managed to set a record as the most expensive NFT sold on Pentas.io at a value of 20BNB (RM45,000) at the time of purchase.

Konfederasi™ also successfully launched several NFT collaborations with prominent local celebrities such as Altimet and DJ Fuzz where both collaborations managed to record sales of over RM10,000 during their respective auctions.

Until now, the Sang Saka NFT collection remains the 3rd highest-grossing collection on Pentas.io with total sales exceeding RM350,000.

The Sang Saka NFT collection, however, has now been migrated to a more renowned marketplace, Opensea, with a comprehensive collection of 530 OG collections, and a total of 248 holders.

Sang Saka NFT is now patiently waiting for the right time to show its “truecolorss” to the global community… Soon…

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