Konfed Merdeka 67th

Konfed Merdeka 67th

We’re back after 8 years!

Our Merdeka edition t-shirt celebrates Malaysia’s independence with a design that fuses heritage and style.

Limited edition and crafted with care, this t-shirt is a tribute to our nation’s spirit with a sense of “Unity in Diversity”.

Stay tuned for the big reveal – this is a comeback you won’t want to miss!

About Us

Konfederasi™ had its roots as a neighborhood fashion label back in 2013, recognized then as “Konfederasi Anak Watan” (KAW Apparel). Our core objective and aspiration have always centered around sharing our cultural heritage on the global stage.

Our goal is to redefine the essence of Nusantara, addressing the prevailing scarcity of international recognition for our cherished culture…

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